Venous Surgery

One of the first to embrace new technologies, Muto Surgical is a pioneer in the treatment of venous disease. For nearly twenty years, Drs. Muto and Gordon and their team have taken excellent care of patients with varicose veins, swollen legs, restless leg syndrome, venous leg ulcers and other conditions with overwhelmingly positive results. With the advent of newer, safer treatments, such as VenefitTM by Covidien, Muto Surgical is able to offer patients simple and affordable procedures in an office or outpatient setting.

Vascular Consultation

The Muto Surgical team is committed to the early diagnosis and treatment of vascular disease, including stroke prevention, aneurysm detection, and limb salvage. Our surgeons are fellowship-trained and experienced in academic and community practices, and are thus able to offer their patients various wound care treatments. Our patients have experienced excellent results with surgical intervention, aggressive risk factor modification, and the latest medical therapies. Our surgeons work closely with Shared Diagnostics Inc., the only certified vascular laboratory in the Merrimack Valley.

Breast Care

Dr. Muto is committed to providing early diagnosis and treatment for patients at risk for breast cancer. With experience as a general surgeon and as a member of two breast centers, she is able to practice rapid surgical consultation often in tandem with mammograms to reduce the anxiety associated with waiting for results. She is a member of a team of physicians including radiologists, pathologists, and oncologists who work together to provide patients with the very best options for their individual conditions. In addition, our office provides holistic support and alternative therapies for cancer patients.

Wound Care

Drs. Gordon and Muto, nationally recognized vascular surgeons, have been major providers of wound care in the Merrimack Valley for close to 15 years. Dr. Gordon, the director of wound services at Holy Family Hospital and the former director of the Center for Wound Healing in Lowell, has established wound services at Lawrence General Hospital. He is board certified in wound care as well as in Hyperbaric Medicine. Years of experience and access to the newest vascular innovations allow Dr. Muto and Dr. Gordon to achieve the best results in limb salvage and in returning their patients to normal activity.

General Surgery

Drs. Gordon and Muto are well-trained, board-certified specialists with many years of experience, allowing them to treat many complex cases locally with excellent results. Boston-trained, they maintain contact with their academic institutions in order to keep up-to-date with today’s surgical innovations. The surgeons on the Muto Surgical team have logged many hours in our local operating rooms and are proficient in many minimally invasive techniques and procedures.

Emergency Services

Drs. Gordon and Muto are active members of the trauma and surgical teams at both the Steward Holy Family Hospital in Methuen, MA and the Lawrence General Hospital in Lawrence, MA. Dr. Gordon is Chief of the Trauma Service and Chief of Surgery at Lawrence General. The doctors often assist each other in the operating room, providing patients with dual expertise and the best surgical outcomes.