Our Founder

Rudolph Muto, M.D., F.A.C.S.
(1927 - 2008)

Rudolph Muto established his practice of thoracic surgery in 1962 after completing his training in cardiothoracic surgery at the prestigious Overholt Clinic in Boston. A pioneer in safe surgery for the treatment of lung cancer as well as chronic lung disease, Dr. Muto was one of the first specialists in the Merrimack Valley, bringing complex surgery to his community, thus allowing patients the choice of remaining close to home for their care. His reputation and skill were well known, and he educated the entire medical community in the proper treatment of patients with cardiac and lung disease.

Dr. Muto was involved in the diagnosis and treatment of many cancers and had a long-standing commitment to public health through the TB Clinic and through community education on the dangers of smoking. His constant dedication to the local hospitals created a standard of care that rivaled any academic institution. Although known for his unparalleled surgical skill, it was Dr. Muto’s empathy and kindness that earned him the trust of his patients. He had a consistent ability to set a patient and his or her family at ease. His loss is deeply felt by all of those who worked with him.

His family strives to carry on his legacy through their commitment to their patients, to the education of their colleagues and residents, and to the health of the community at large. They are proud to continue his work by dedicating themselves to same high standard of care and compassion he demonstrated throughout his career.

Dr. Michael G. Muto, M.D.

Gynecology / Oncology

Dr. Muto is a board certified gynecologic surgeon specializing in the treatment of female cancers. He is affiliated with both the Dana Farber and the Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston as well as the Lowell General Cancer Center. He is an Associate Professor of Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Reproductive Biology at Harvard Medical School and is Director of the Gynecologic Oncology Fellowship Program.

Mark R. Muto, M.P.H.

PACE Systems, Inc.

Mark is and has been a vital member of the medical community for over 20 years, providing information technology consultation and computer support to thousands of physicians and their office staffs. The Founder and Lead at PACE Systems, he is an expert in the use and implementation of electronicmedical records as well as non-medical office systems.